How we work

Property in Somontin, Almeria.

Converting a roof into a terrace. Lavanda House, Feb. 2019

We changed the original distribution of this Village House. Converted a courtyard into a living room, obtaining this amazing result.  


One of our client said…: ‘if this is real and not photoshop, I will buy this house’. He bought it.

Floating stairs are a good option by all means!

APS project: renovation in Cela

Variety. In this case, Agave House (we give all our renovations a name), has the charm of an external staircase linking the two levels. We decided to keep it. The transformation is obvious. 

1950’s style kitchen. Kept the shape. The result is a modern kitchen with an Andalusian touch (We discovered an old wooden beam, an outstanding feature to this space).

IMG_20191114_102257 (Personalizado)

The bathroom. 

Our renovations include new plumbing and wiring. This bathroom was extended.

This impressive change may confuses you… Guess where the prior wall was? We demolished the original kitchen and extended the living room (there is a pre-instalation to fix another kitchen).